Nursery and Kindergarden Valencia

ituitu is a private, bilingual Spanish/English preschool for children from 0 to 6 years old. Open minded, lively, non-religious and with an active work methodology that respects the internal rhythms and processes of children.

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ituitu offers...

Nursery 0-3 year olds

Early childhood education

Kindergarden 3-6 year olds

Second cycle pre-school education

Dinning service

Includes morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack

Early morning service

For the early risers


The bibs and sheets are always washed in ituitu

School holiday plans

To help with the conciliation where school is out

Create, stack, touch, smell, taste

Our space

We have a spatial forest where we learn and live a thousand adventures every day


Experiential education

We experiment, explore and discover the world indoors and outdoors.

Multicultural and bilingual

We have friends from all over the world and half of our day is in English.


Natural food

Our cook is a wizard and manages to help us like aubergines as much as burgers.

Lots of nature

In our veggie patch we learn that tomatoes don’t grow in the supermarket and that worms know how to play hide and seek.