How we work

24 hours a day, 7 days a week… children never stop learning… and neither do we!

We believe that it is essential to have a broad perspective, an open mind and be an example of this capacity for constant learning and adaptation. The richness of the combination of different educational methodologies helps us to always keep fresh, relevant and cutting-edge. Thus, the Montessori philosophy and methodology, with the support of Neuroeducation and other practices such as baby sign-language, allow us to carry out our project of a lively and active school.

Tailored learning through experience

Each child is the center of their learning process and the engine of their growth. We respect the rhythms and times of each one, and we design attractive proposals for everyone based on the careful observation of their interests and moments of development. We stimulate their autonomy, their creativity and their inner-confidence through activities where they explore, experiment and discover themselves and the world around them.
Likewise, the latest neuroscientific advances inform our pedagogical approach and the organization of our spaces and timings.

Positive discipline

A child who feels good gives the best of him or herself. With love, respect and firmness in the establishment of limits, little by little the school makes them free and responsible for what happens in it.

Diversity and inclusion

Our dream is a world free of any type of discrimination, whether based on age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, personal qualities… and we help to make it a reality with an open school and coexistence models based on empathy and respect.

We take special care of our environment

Caring for the garden helps us learn to be respectful of the environment and transfer this care to everything else. At ituitu we apply the “3R” policy – reduce, reuse and recycle – in the overall management of the center.

Our space is unique

Our school is a space to live, grow, share and enjoy life. The key: all the spaces in the centre, both indoors and outdoors, encourage children to find opportunities to play and learn. The design of the classrooms and the resources they contain encourage curiosity and experiential learning.

We speak Spanish and English and are citizens of the world.

Both languages are equally part of our educational program, with a different teacher for each language.
There are also many international families who trust us every year, which is why diverse cultures coexist in ituitu. Our children grow up in a unique environment and also families can make friends from all corners of the world.

Healthy habits

Eating and sleeping well is an essential part of children development.
Our food is prepared daily in the center with love and fresh seasonal produce. We do not consume processed foods or sugars – no bottled juices, industrial pastries or frozen fishfingers! The monthly menus are balanced, following the guidelines of a pediatric nutritionist. We put so much care into our food that even the bread is made specifically for us in the San Bartolomé Bakery.

We stimulate children’s curiosity with our veggie patch, and we work on fundamental habits such as hygiene and autonomy when eating. We offer special diets, if requested.
We also teach them good resting habits after lunch.

We enjoy regular contact with parents

You entrust your children to us, so we can only make ituitu your second home. The doors are always open for you: the arrival and pick up of your children take place in their classrooms and parents are welcome at the school at any time.
We believe that the best dialogue is the one that is fluid and regular. For this reason, there is always an opportunity to discuss anything with the director or the teachers upon arrival or departure, there is also a daily summary that you receive via our electronic agenda on your phone and where you can leave comments or messages in writing. In addition, we hold quarterly individual parent/teacher meetings and also parent meetings by classroom.

We are also socially active. In addition to being a “UNICEF-friendly school”, we get involved in local causes such as soup kitchens or material collection for boys and girls at risk of social exclusion, national causes such as support for communities hit by natural disasters and international causes when necessary such as the great support received to send essential resources to Ukraine. All this is only possible with the involvement of the families that make up ituitu.