ituitu Nursery and Kindergarden

We are more than a nursery and nothing to do with just a place to leave your children. We are a center committed to educational renewal and innovation. We want to change the world, and we do it every day developing free, creative, empathetic, tolerant, critical and confident human beings.

ititu is an environment

A unique and multisensory space with an infinite number of resources that inspire children to learn.

ituitu is a team

A group of people who share a passion for early years education and the impulse to challenge the status quo to continue innovating.

ituitu is a method

Creating, touching, smelling, exploring… are our subjects. Our little ones play while learning and learn by playing, in an avant-garde, bilingual environment based on the core values of autonomy, responsibility and respect.

ituitu is a community

In which mothers, fathers, children and teachers create, play and learn together.

We are authorized and subsidized by the Department of Education

In ituitu children are immersed in a unique, multi-sensory and resource-rich environment that allows them to learn the way they like best, playing in their classrooms and in our beautiful playground. Surely you have not seen anything like it!

  • For the “first stage” (0-3 years), we have seven classrooms that overlook a fantastic central courtyard and the organic garden that we have for educational purposes. The patio can be covered or uncovered and so we can always enjoy it, regardless of the weather.
  • The older ones (3-6 years old) enjoy a very special space because, above all else, our school is a place to live, grow, share and enjoy life. The key is the design of the classrooms, and the resources they have, that encourage curiosity and experiential learning. In addition to sharing common areas, they have a small patio designed as an extension of the classroom just for them, a workshop and a relaxation and leisure area.

We have our own kitchen to give them the best and so that they acquire healthy eating habits, with a multipurpose area in case we need more space for any activity and a spacious reception that makes coming in and out very comfortable.