Clay Medallion decorated with natural elements

Growing children have a built-in curiosity. A simple pebble or a piece of twig are enough to raise their curiosity and keep them occupied playing and scrutinising. This will help them to become observant, imaginative and creative.

What is Naturalist Intelligence?

People with Naturalist intelligence have an appreciation for Nature. Naturalist intelligence focuses on how people relate to their natural sorroundings. Naturalists can easily distinguish patterns in Nature. They are good at discovering the wonders of Nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Naturalist Intelligence is one of the several types of Intelligence.

The objectives of this activity are:

To discover different textures, smells and colours through decorating the clay medallion.
To enhance their creative ability.
To learn to appreciate Nature.

Materials for the activity:

Different natural elements, e.g. pebbles, twigs, leaves, flowers, shells, etc.
Rolling pin
Baking paper (for the medallion to sit and dry)

Steps of the activity:

First we made balls of clay big enough to fit the children’s hand. Then we flattened them with the rolling pin to achieve the look of a pancake. Smooth the edges to make it evenly round. The children then started to decorate their medallion with their desired decorations. When they had finished decorating, we then transferred each of the medallions into individual baking paper. Then we set them aside for the medallion to dry.

This medallion can be used as a paper weight or just a decoration on your mantelpiece.